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What it includes:
Estate Info Keeper System
The Estate Info Keeper was designed to make gathering and organizing your important documents easy. While some people attempt to pull together their essential papers, they often miss key items that it never occurred to them they might need. This system walks you step by step through everything your trustee or family might require should there be an emergency, or should you pass away. Very little writing is needed on your part. You simply drop copies or originals of vital paperwork in the appropriate slot and slide in your doctors' and lawyers' business cards. It's as simple as that!
The Estate Info Keeper helps you gather information on handling the following: 

•Wills and trusts;

•Financial accounts such as savings, checking, retirement, credit cards, and investments;

•Social security documentation;

•Doctors', lawyers', and accountants' contact information;

and much, much more!
Estate Planning - Made Easy.
Who is it for:

• Seniors, as they ensure their affairs are in order;

• Adult children, as they help their parents transition into the later years of their lives;

• Young families, as they create wills and their estate grows;

• Anyone with property, trusts, wills, and more, no matter how large the estate...or small.

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