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• While some people attempt to pull together a few essential papers, they often miss key items that it never occurred to them they might need. Then, they struggle to create some sort of organizational tool or they use one that leaves them writing endless numbers and addresses.

Most often, however, people simply leave their documents in their file cabinet or whatever organizational system they have, with the hope that should anyone need that information someday, they will "read their mind" and figure out where everything is and how it's arranged.
Why You Need This System
• When a death or some other emergency occurs, when such information is usually needed, it is not the time to be rummaging through files or struggling to locate documents needed to handle an estate.

• This system walks with you step by step to organize everything your trustee or family might need should there be an emergency, or should you pass away.

• Estate Info Keeper is a binder-based system, sized to fit in most file cabinet drawers or nearly any other secure area.

**Important note: Estate Info Keeper is not your will or trust and does not replace such documents. It is also not intended to replace legal or financial counsel.